Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 2

8/10/11  Did I Say it Was HOT?  Good grief it gets hot out here!

The day started fairly nice, about 75 degrees before breakfast.  We decided to stay on the Interstate to Shreveport, LA and then head southwest on smaller roads towards San Antonio.

As the miles went by, the heat built higher and higher.  By noon, we were over 100 degrees on the bike.  We stopped a lot for water and fluids, in addition to gas stops, so we stayed well hydrated and safe.  The hot spot of the day was in Henderson TX when the thermometer hit 113 degrees at around 6pm.  It felt pretty hot, but not unbearable.

We used the Sahara vests from about 11am until we stopped, re-wetting them at each stop.  While it's a bit weird feeling at first, the evaporative effect does help make it a little cooler.  At the humidity we're facing and temperatures we have, the vests dry out in about an hour.  So, frequent stops are essential.

There's really not much to report except the ride so far has been unremarkable except for the intense heat.

Tomorrow we start the adventure.  We'll get up and head to San Antonio.  The Alamo is waiting for us!  So, we'll see it and then meet our host for the next couple of nights.  A guy from the BMWST website volunteered to show us around the Hill country, so we're taking him up on it.  I believe it will be great to have someone from the area who knows what's there and where to show us around.  I'm looking forward to it.

We did 545 miles today, staying in Palestine TX.

More tomorrow.


  1. 113 degrees! I can not imagine riding in such heat. I hope it's cooler in the mountains of TX. Please take some pictures.

  2. I think it must be grueling to be on the bike all those long hours. I guess the vision of interesting things ahead must be pulling you on.