Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day One; Tuscaloosa AL

9/9/11  Well, we hit the road today.  I was sorta dreading the ride today, concerned about the heat that is plaguing the country.  Yesterday riding to Garys, the temperatures stayed at 100 or above almost the whole way there.  Thankfully, about 10 miles south of his house, a thunderstorm brewed up and lowered the temperatures down to about 88.  Very little rain fell, but it cooled off and felt so good.

Waking up this morning, the temperature was 70 degrees outside.  Terrific!  I don't know when it's been that cool at home, so it was really great to be cooler.

We got underway at around 8:45 am after leaving Gary's family and granddaughter in the driveway.  We headed west on I-40 to I-77 towards Charlotte.  Then the by-pass around the western side of town and then to I-85 south.  We stayed on it to Atlanta, where we veered west on I-20.  Then southwest to Tuscaloosa AL.

Traffic was okay; never really heavy at all.  No stopping on the Interstate like happens at home.  Not really much to talk about; everything went fine and we did about 525 miles before stopping for the night.

After checking into the hotel, we walked, looking for an interesting place to eat.  However, we couldn't find anything within walking distance, so we had dinner at Cracker Barrell; each of us having pancakes.  They were very good!

Tomorrow, we plan to get an early start, stay on I-20 to Shreveport, LA, and then get on some smaller roads towards San Antonio.  Will try to take some pics to post tomorrow.


  1. TRIVIA QUESTION: Where is the location of HBO's TRUE BLOOD series vampire night club called Fangtasia?
    ANSWER: Shreveport, LA!

  2. Bring on the cooler weather! We're getting a break from the extreme heat starting tomorrow.

  3. Glad you are. Supposed to be 107 here tomorrow!

    Stay cool; we'll do the best we can!!